Michael Gad

Family man, Business man, World renowned expert. Emerald icon.

Michael Gad’s passion for the world’s most precious green gemstones goes back to his childhood. Born in Israel and raised in New York, Michael found himself mesmerized at an early age by the suitcases of dirt-covered rough his father would return with after long trips abroad. As a child, Michael spent summers cleaning and sorting the hidden treasures, beginning to train his eye.
After graduating from Boston University, and acquiring his Graduate Gemology degree from GIA, Michael arrived in New York to follow in his father’s footsteps and join the family business. He gained further appreciation for the gemstones as he learned to cut and polish the rough into magnificent gems. The challenging nature of the gemstone industry sealed the fate of his future career, further perpetuated by the excitement of international travel to Colombia to source rough for sale.
A yearning to branch out on his own led Michael to eventually leave the family business and establish Michael Gad emerald, a decision that quickly proved fruitful. The newly established company offered a full scope of services, including both buying and selling emeralds, as well as cutting and polishing rough. Over the next several decades, Michael’s keen eye, unwavering work ethic and desire to provide the best for his clients, established him as the preeminent source for emeralds in the jewelry industry worldwide.
Still traveling to the mines six times a year, ensuring access to the best of the best for his clients, Michael dedicates both time and funding towards the local mining communities in Colombia. Philanthropy is a driving force behind Michael’s efforts at this stage of his career.
A New Yorker at heart, Michael, and his wife of nearly three decades are now Miami-based, where he enjoys spending time with his most valued treasures: his children. In his limited free time, Michael explores his passions beyond emeralds, including swimming and horseback riding.

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