Michael Gad Emeralds The World Leader in Fine Colombian Emeralds

The company is renowned for its unparalleled emeralds and focus on providing their clients with uncompromising customer service. The company’s passion is driven by the goal to yield the finest emerald from each piece of rough they encounter, creating the best value for their clients.

Colombian Fine Emeralds




Making a Difference Through Mining

Michael Gad emerald ensures we give back to the country, the people and the land that have given us so much. In 2022, MGE founded the Green Mine Foundation, focused on the exact needs of the local people who reside near the Polveros Mine. The non-profit organization looks to create long term change in the region, by providing opportunities beyond mining, including through agriculture and educational initiatives; developing the physical infrastructure of the area, thus allowing for an easier connection between regions and increasing tourism to the area; and working with the government and politicians to focus on increasing security within the region.

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